The Service

Each of our clients is offered a unique mix of marketing services designed to help achieve their specific growth goals. We call this our integrated marketing department — a service that gives you access to our designers, developers, content creators and marketers to work as an extension of your team. At one pre-agreed monthly fee.

The integrated marketing department delivers you with a growth plan designed around your business, implemented by a team of experts who have already helped to grow countless B2B and B2C organisations.

With a focus on unifying your sales, marketing and customer-relations efforts, our marketing plans are designed from the ground up around your business. This means that every single hour worked, task completed and milestone met will directly impact your growth.

We work to a rolling 90-day contract, meaning that we’re always looking to outperform expectations, with honest and transparent reporting and a culture of constant improvement.

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How The Service Works

Before any work begins, we will first take the time to understand your business inside out. We like to know your story, all about your products and services, who your customers are, and what the motivations are behind taking your business to the next level.

We are only in a position to help a business grow once we fully understand it.

Our next step is to create a marketing plan around you. To do this, we combine our years of marketing experience with the newly discovered insights we have into your business, to create a results-driven plan unique to you.

The marketing plan we create will consist of a carefully-selected mix of services such as web design and development, branding, search engine optimisation, AdWords, social media management and more. We use whatever skills and services necessary to help you reach your growth and performance targets.

Our expert team will then action the marketing plan. Working in collaboration with your sales team and other departments, we hold ourselves responsible to ensure that the sales, marketing and customer-relations areas of your business are working in unity. When your entire business is working to the same growth plan, great results can be expected.

With on-going revisions and improvements, we will provide you with accurate and in-depth performance reports once every 90 days. Based on the data produced by our marketing and your sales team, we will make continuous alterations to our activity, channelling our focus on what performs best.

Dreem offers an all-in-one service You can expect the integrated marketing department to help your teams work more effectively, and for your marketing budget to go further.

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We offer each new client the chance to trial our service for 30-days, without cost and without obligation. If you’re curious as to how we can help your business grow, this is the perfect opportunity to meet our team, see how to work and put our results to the test.

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What's included in the service

Strategy and planning, web design and development, search engine optimisation, social management and marketing, brand development, content marketing
Logic Freight Mobile Screenshot

Logic Freight

Logic Freight are a leader in the return loads logistics market in south Wales. Although the business has thousands of clients and partners, their online presence was lacking. Dreem was tasked with bringing their brand into 2016, with a logo refresh and a new website that really shows off what the company is all about. One of the key areas of the new Logic Freight website is the Quick Quote tool, which allows customers to visit and get a quote for their haulage needs in a matter of seconds. This tool is unique to the return loads market and will play a key role in our on-going marketing efforts for Logic Freight.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost?
No two businesses have the same requirements, and so we don’t offer flat pricing. Each of our clients pays an amount relative to their needs.

What is the service?
We offer businesses a complete marketing solution. From strategy and planning through to taking care of the day-to-day marketing tasks that drive growth, we handle all marketing for your business. There’s no bolt-ons, no up-sells, the service is all inclusive.

Do you only manage Digital Marketing?
No. While we focus most of our efforts on digital marketing as a highly effective way to help grow your business, we handle all areas of marketing, brand and communication.

What industries do you work with?
With a focus on B2B clients, we currently have experience working with organisations in industries including logistics, events, technology, communications, security and manufacturing. Our clients’ turnovers range from £500,000 to £225 million.

Do you offer individual services?
Our primary focus is working with clients on our integrated marketing packages. We do however review requests to provide individual services on a case-by-case basis.

What if we’re not a good fit?
We understand that not all clients are a good fit for our service. We’ve written a blog post that outlines exactly what to look for when finding a new digital marketing agency.

Happy with how your marketing is performing right now?

No? — Challenge us to demonstrate exactly how we can help your business grow.